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Updated June 25, 2017
  Mon 6'2 C/D  



  • 2017 Summer League Links
    Monday Schedule (Updated August 6, 2017, 10:15pm)

  • 2017 Winter Playoff Results

  • JERSEY RULES will be enforced. See rules for uniform regulations. Also, please report jersey number changes before your game. Players are tracked by jersey numbers, therefore if you play with a jersey number not on the roster, it will be recorded as an unknown player or another player on your team. Meaning you don't get credit for the game. Changes will not be allowed after the game has been completed. Players must play three games to be eligible for playoffs. It is the team's responsibility to manage their roster. We will determine playoff eligibility by what's recorded and nothing else.

  • IMPORTANT: Please bring exact change for officials fees ($32). The scorekeepers may not have change.

  • PLAYER STATS: Stats for a player are tracked by the jersey number he wears. Please wear the same jersey number for every game. If you change your jersey number, report it at the score table. Stats will not be changed.


    Court Usage: Please do not use the courts while practices are in session, even if the practice is only utilizing half the court.

    Parking: Please exit the parking lot by going around the back of the gym. You may not use the entrance as an exit.

    Thank you.

  • We are now accepting team entries for the following leagues:
    35+:  No set time as to which day/night it will be played on, will be determined based on all interested teams. To be eligible for this league, players must be the age of 35 by December 31.

    Call 619.316.1215 or email if you are interested in entering a team for any of these leagues. Note: Your employer may sponsor your company team.

    Scorekeepers wanted: If you're interested in scorekeeping, please call 619.316.1215 or email us for more details.

    Team referral discounts:  Receive a $25 discount off your team's fall 2017 league registration for every team you refer to play in the league. Discount applies only if the team you referred participates in summer league. Call 619.316.1215 or email for more details.

    Comments:  Any comments regarding the league (refs, scorekeepers, rules, league director, etc.) are welcomed. We can't fix it if we don't hear about it. You can email your comments by clicking on email.

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